May 2, 2019

Brazilian Wax

I felt so super comfortable with Layla! Quick and efficient!


May 17, 2019

Full Bikini Wax

Layla was great at helping me through my first wax!


Jul 10, 2019

Brazilian Wax

Layla did a phenomenal job making me feel at ease with my first Brazilian wax experience! I'll definitely be back! Thank you Quinica for the referral!!!


Jul 15, 2019

Brazilian Wax

Layla did an terrific job; made the Brazilian wax experience, quickly done and excellent results! I'll definitely continue to seek her services! Thank you!


"Layla was great and i will be coming back."

- Yolanda B. | 07.22.2017


"She is super sweet and fast. No pain, not a thing."

- Do Re M. | 07.21.2017


"Layla is awesome"

- SHERRI L. | 07.19.2017


"Layla was awesome! Fast and friendly. I'll definitely be going back."

- Celia n. | 07.15.2017


"Layla is absolutely amazing!!! I've been going to her for a few years and sad I didn't find her sooner! I'm a client for life!!!!"

- Maribel t. | 07.13.2017


"Layla is amazingly friendly and so efficient. Done quickly with no discomfort!"

- Drenda W. | 07.7.2017

Brazilian Wax

"Awesome and great experience as usual"

- Jennifer C. | 07.7.2017


"Shes a great lady and we had a great connection. Very helpful!!!!!!!!!!!"

- Kimberley T. | 06.28.2017

Brazilian Wax, Eyebrow Wax

"Great! Thank you for doing my first time."

- Cassi A. | 06.15.2017

Brazilian Wax

"Awesome as always!!! Love it!!!"

- Chelsea H. | 06.10.2017

Brazilian Wax Return Client

- Meghan D. | 06.8.2017

Eyebrow Threading Clean Up

"Layla is amazing and her work is excellent. Highly recommend."

- Talal . | 06.2.2017


"As a first time waxer, Layla made it as relaxing and painless as possible."

- Kendall K. | 05.24.2017


"Layla was very gentle and made me feel really comfortable. This was my first Brazilian wax and I had a great experience. I will definitely be back for services again."

- Jennifer C. | 05.11.2017

Eyebrow Threading Clean Up

"She listened and had great suggestions and my eyebrows looked great when I lwft."

- K. | 03.8.2017


"nicest, sweetest person! Layla is fantastic, got the job done in about 15-20 mins. She is super professional and knows what she is doing."

- Sumrina Y. | 01.29.2017


"Her customer service is incredible and she's great at what she does"

- Kayla B. | 01.17.2017


"She is clean, fast and easy. Great job!"

- Anastasia B. | 12.30.2016

Brow and Lip Threading

"High quality facility with great parking access. Layla's salon room was polished neatly kept in a businesslike fashion but still attained a homey feel as you take in the area. Her service was very professional and she was genuinely kind throughout the process explaining the how to's on grooming giving personal experiences with certain products to better future experiences of myself and other customers. Hands down the best esthetician I've been to yet."

- Helen A. | 12.21.2016

Upper Lip

"She is absolutely wonderful!!!!"

- Anastasia B. | 12.20.2016


"Quick, clean, painless, perfect!! Very happy customer!!"

- Chelsea H. | 10.16.2016

Eyebrow Threading

"Layla was on her way out, but put her purse away to thread my eyebrows, she trimmed them too! She made me feel comfortable and welcomed. She explained everything very well and was very gentle and nice!! I will be back to see her and I will definitely recommend her!!"

- Christine B. | 10.14.2016


"Layla is great! She is very professional and I love her service! I highly recommend her!"

- Yuri H. | 11.10.2015


"Excellent service. With skin treatments, you want the VERY best and the VERY cleanest. Layla's workspace is spotless. Her professional demeanor is great, and she is friendly too! Will return and recommend to others. "

- Stephanie D. | 06.25.2015

Eyebrow Threading

"I have tried several places for Brazilian waxes, and I have never felt more comfortable and pain free. Layla is amazing, and very accommodating with scheduling. I have recommended her to several people, and they love her too!!"

- Brenda E. | 05.28.2015

 Buttocks, butt strip, Lower Back

"Layla was amazing. She was especially accommodating with scheduling and was pain-free. She also has the ability at making you feel comfortable. "

- Kuldeep S. | 05.14.2015


"Layla was awesome, not to mention beautiful. I actually did a brazilian with her, and it was totally painless, and a pleasant experience. "

- T S. | 01.23.2015

Bikini line

"I love Layla Jammal! She made me feel so comfortable during my first Brazilian wax. I'll go back again and again to Layla. Definitely book your next appointment here! Erika M. 12/7/14"

- Erika M. | 12.8.2014

Eyebrow Threading

"I enjoyed my services with Layla."

- Karen B. | 06.17.2014


"I love Layla Jammal! Definitely book your next appointment with here! Very professional be rest assured you are in good hands. she is relaxed and chill person to talk to. She knows what she is doing. "

- Mukul P. | 06.1.2014

Rejuvenating Facial

"I visited Layla and received the most relaxing facial! She was very professional and had some great recommendations for my skin care. Looking forward to my next appointment. I highly recommend her services!"

- Taarna H. | 04.24.2014

Eyebrow Threading, Brazilian

"I went to Layla for the first time and she has been by far the best aesthetician I've experienced in the last 7 years of waxing...she did a great job on my brazilian and threading my eyebrows...I would HIGHLY recommend her services. "

- Carmen D. | 04.23.2014


"Layla was great! She made an uncomfortable situation, more comfortable!"

- Brandy J. | 04.16.2014


"I love Layla Jammal! Definitely book your next appointment here! This isn't a spa, it's an "in and out" waxing center that makes a person w/ a busy schedule very easy! Love this place and I will rave and recommend this place to everyone I know."

- Brenda H. | 04.11.2014


"I love Layla Jammal! Definitely book your next appointment here! It was my first time and she made me feel comfortable and it went quickly!"

- Ashley M. | 03.6.2014


"Layla was AWESOME!!! My first wax & it went great. She is really sweet & her energy is calming. Made my Brazillian wax go by fast."

- Olay A. | 02.25.2014

Brazilian, Full leg, Stomach

"It was my first brazilian wax I was very nervous. She relaxed me did an amazing job. She did a complete wax from the waist down. Was a great experience wasn't painful as I was afraid of. Will be seeing her again"

- angel E. | 02.21.2014


"I'd definitely would recommend Layla. Very personable and accommodating. Thank you again Layla!"

- Mia M. | 01.18.2014


"I love Layla Jammal! Definitely book your next appointment here! Very Friendly, Efficient, and was able to accommodate my requests. I discovered her through Groupon, and I'm so glad I did! Her eyebrow threading is also top notch!"

- Senia V. | 01.1.2014


"Layla did a wonderful job. I was nervous at first, but Layla made my wax painless. I will use her service again :) Shayla"

- shayla s. | 12.31.2013


"She was awesome! Super nice! Made me feel comfortable"

- Jazmin R. | 11.14.2013

Bikini Wax

"Fantastic service! Very quick, professional and pain free. Definitely will be back ;)"

- Rosalie C. | 10.31.2013


"Layla was very friendly and made sure what can be a painful experience not really all that painful :D "

- Lourdes V. | 05.29.2016

Return clients Brow and lip, Full Face Threading

"She is professional, efficient, and pleasant. She does a great job. "

- Mona I. | 03.17.2016

Bikini line

"Thank you"

- Ashleigh S. | 03.16.2016

Full Face Wax, Nose

"Great work from a very knowledgeable, professional young woman. "

- Jean S. | 02.19.2016


"She has a very open spirt and is fun!"

- Shyniece S. | 02.15.2016


"Excellent service! "

- Ten H. | 12.24.2015


"She makes me feel completely comfortable:) really nice chick! Definitely going back each month "

- Tyler w. | 12.18.2015


"Layla was very nice and comforting. I had never had a wax before and she talked me through the entire process. I will definitely go back and see her!"

- Leigh Ann B. | 12.9.2015


"Layla makes me feel so comfortable while getting waxed which is awkward in itself, but she always works extremely fast and try's to take my mind off of it! I would absolutely recommend her services!"

- Yamil T. | 11.26.2015


"She's great and very personable not to mention the great late hours. Highly recommend!"

- Monghoan M. | 11.19.2015


"I felt so comfortable. "

- Kristin R. | 11.18.2015

Brazilian, Eyebrow Arch Threading

"Everyone was right, it really is the least painful brazilian I have ever experienced. I've gone to many places and have had many tools and techniques used but her style was exceptional and the hard wax worked really well. I must say, the 'after-wax' lotion used was a great recommendation because I've used different products, all with traces of alcohol, and I don't see much of a result however the lotion (I like that more than the roll on liquid-type applicator) was instantaneously soothing and, for the first time, actually produced a 'no-red-bumps' result. As far as quality goes, she really is good. Only thing I would suggest, and maybe this is just her preference, is that any loose hairs that don't come out she could tweeze out. Thanks Layla! Will be coming back. "

- Ann D. | 11.18.2015

Men's Ear Wax

"Layla is fantastic!! Easy to talk to and does a great job! "

- Robert R. | 11.13.2015

Eyebrow Threading Clean Up

"As always, amazing! "

- Amal J. | 11.7.2015

Eyebrow Threading Clean Up, Brazilian

"My first bikini wax was so horrifying that I have been scared to go back to anyone. Layla was amazing and made the waxing as comfortable as possible. She is answers all questions and very helpful on what products she using and the reasons. What is the best is that you feel like you are talking to a friend and not pushy at all about setting next appointments or products. I will be going back as a regular to help me with my current acne issues. Great esthetician and would recommend to anyone! "

- Esther P. | 11.7.2015


"Layla is awesome and always upbeat. Waxing can be a pain but she distracts me with good conversation and keeps me laughing. I refuse to go to anyone else."

- Aaisha B. | 11.3.2015


"Layla was great! She was very friendly & talked to me throughout the process. Her station was very clean & need. I could tell she values her clients. I will be returning soon. "

- Jackie V. | 10.31.2015

Brazilian, Eyebrow clean up

"She is very friendly person and makes you feel comfortable. I have been waxing for over 3 years and she is the first person that makes time go quickly and it is not painful."

- Charlene M. | 10.30.2015

Full Face Wax, Brazilian, Eyebrow Arch Threading

"Moving here from California I was super nervous to find a new waxer. Layla made me feel totally comfortable! She is awesome! She now has a customer for life!"

- julie o. | 10.26.2015


"Got me over my fear of waxing after a horrid experience with someone else. She's super awesome! It's really quick and nearly painless."

- Chelsea H. | 10.24.2015

Men's Ear Wax

"Being a first timer at waxing, she made me feel more than just comfortable, Layla was awesome. "

- Robert R. | 10.17.2015

Bikini line

"Very professional and clean environment"

- Susmitha G. | 10.10.2015


"She made me feel super comfortable, she is friendly, patient and most importantly she helped relax! I never thought I could get through this! I'll definitely be back soon! "

- Margie g. | 09.25.2015

Brow and lip return clients, Eyebrow Threading Clean Up

"Layla's work is excellent, never ever walked out unsatisfied with her work. Love the clean, calm environment. And much less expensive than comparable professional places. "

- Susu . | 09.23.2015


"Very personable and efficient. "

- Caroline C. | 09.16.2015

"Layla is very professional and knowledgable. Her salon is very clean and she is very thorough. I will be recommending her to all my friends. "

- Bob L. | 09.15.2015


"Layla was perfect during my visit. Very prompt and did not take long. She is very professional. I can't wait to return. I've been looking for someone in Dallas since I moved here and have tried several people and no one has been this great. I think I've found the the perfect place now. I can't wait to return. "

- Lainette J. | 09.11.2015


"Very personable! Nice and clean environment! Highly recommended!"

- Ten H. | 09.3.2015


"Layla was fantastic! The space was very clean, she was very fast and efficient, and gave me the best wax I've ever had. I will definitely be going back to her!"

- Kendra c. | 08.16.2015


"Great Value, High Quality Work, Nice Environment, & Very Professional "

- Jean S. | 08.6.2015

Eyebrow Clean Up

"Layla was very kind and made what is an uncomfortable experience for me much more relaxing. "

- Elizabeth S. | 08.1.2015

Half legs

"I had a great experience, definitely will recommend it to my friends. The price is great as well as quality of the service. "

- Sviatlana T. | 07.27.2015


"The salon and the room where Layla is located is very clean and inviting. Layla has great customer service. I can be a bit of a chatterbox during waxes and she was very personable. She even went the extra mile to help with an ingrown hair I was having an issue with! I'll definitely be visiting again!"

- Phallon T. | 07.22.2015

Men's Chest, Men's Stomach Wax

"Layla was absolutely amazing in every facet of her profession. Warm and friendly and welcoming environment made me and my girlfriend comfortable explian everything she was going to do and doing and asked if there were any concerned as well as made sure that I was fully aware with everything she was about to do. I was so impressed that I decided to do my upper torso as well. Not only will I recommend her to all of my friends but she's the "Only" person that both my girlfriend and I will ever let do our waxing from now on. Great Service and professional.. HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION I'VE EVER GIVEN!!"

- Sonnie . | 07.13.2015

Men's Chest, Men's Lower Back, Men's Stomach Wax

"Highly recommended!! "

- Phillip . | 06.27.2015


"Very professional and efficient with a great affordable price. I will be coming back soon!"

- Crystal M. | 06.10.2015

Brow & Lip Threading Combo

"As some of you may know, a Brazilian can be uncomfortable especially for first timers. My first time (at a different location) was so painful I had to stop but I didn't let that experience stop me from future tries. I tried again with a new person and it was so much better that I never wanted to shave again. When I moved, I was worried about finding another esthitcian"

- Tracie H. | 06.3.2015


"Great as usual. "

- Corey F. | 05.27.2015


"I was blown away by Layla's demeanor and professionalism. I was incredibly nervous for my first bikini wax and she made me feel comfortable and a little less nervous. She was as gentle as possible and the outcome was fantastic! I will be back in a few weeks! "

- Corey F. | 05.14.2015

Eyebrow Threading, Under Arm, Upper lip wax

"Layla was great. she was very professionally and friendly. Will definitely be going back. "

- Elizabeth D. | 05.14.2015

Eyebrow Threading, Under Arm, Brazilian

"Layla is very Good at what she does."

- NiSchelle L. | 05.14.2015

Brow & Lip Threading Combo

"Best experience ever! So clean and professional! Love her!!!!"

- Amal J. | 04.23.2015


"Thank you, Layla! You made my very first brazilian wax experience easy:). I definitely come back!"

- Miki M. | 04.20.2015


"Layla did a great job, paid careful attention to how I was feeling and was very professional. I've tried out several other salons but hers is my favorite. I'll definitely be back!"

- Lyndsay J. | 04.12.2015

Eyebrow Threading, Full Face Wax

"My eyebrows look so good! Layla is so sweet and professional. She did an amazing job and I will definitely be back to see her :) "

- Zara T. | 04.10.2015


"Layla was amazing! She worked very quickly and made me feel so comfortable during my Brazilian wax! The environment was very clean and relaxing and I got an amazing discount with groupon. I will definitely be back in 4 weeks. "

- Yamil T. | 04.10.2015


"Layla is AWESOME!! I had a very Great Experience and she fixed my eyebrows as well!! I recommend her for Your Beauty Needs Thank you Kindly Ni'Schelle Lee-Wu????"

- Ni-shelle . | 04.10.2015


"Layla is awesome and she knows what she's doing! "

- Brittany H. | 04.3.2015


"She was amazing and hilarious! She made me feel very comfortable even though I was freaking out! Her conversation and humor made the pain very minimal! I would recommend you to give her a visit! "

- Kathleen U. | 03.13.2015


"Layla was very nice and welcoming! I was nervous at first because I found her Groupon and went in blind but she made me feel like we had known each other for years :) I would recommend her in a hearbeat"

- Jessica B. | 03.11.2015

Under Arm

"After deciding to start back with a waxing routine (traumatizing last experience) I found her groupon and hesitantly bought and booked it. She was beyond amazing! Gently, friendly, and made me feel so comfortable! Ive already started recommending people to her. Thank you Layla!! See you soon. "

- Pamela T. | 03.6.2015


"She was very professional and friendly! I will definitely be returning. I've been searching for an aesthetician since I moved here a year ago. So I've been out of the routine for awhile which made it a little tougher and there were a few left over spots nothing major. I just don't think it wanted to part ways yet. Lol. My only piece of advice is to go directly home after. DO NOT I REPEAT DO NOT RUN ERRANDS!! Lol! Since she uses a hard wax it really is hard wax. Needless to say I was a little stuck together by the time I came home two hours later! I thought it was a little funny. The next time I will come straight home to rinse off the residue. Overall Layla was perfect! "

- Cecilia W. | 03.4.2015


"This was my first brazillian, and Layla made me feel very comfortable. She was professional and quick, the whole process was over faster than I expected, and was done with almost no pain. I will definitely be returning to her!"

- Megan B. | 03.3.2015


"Layla was very professional and extremely quick! Very pleased and will be going back to see her again in the future."

- Sarah H. | 02.19.2015


"Layla is Great! So gentle and professional, I even laughed a few times. "

- ALYSSA B. | 02.18.2015


"It was very quick and easy. You couldnt really feel the pain at all! I loved the experience with Layla! Shes so sweet and easy going ill definitely be back! "

- Cheng C. | 02.17.2015


"This was my first brazillian wax. I was a little nervous but it was not uncomfortable at all. She was very good and it was not painful. "

- Sandy H. | 02.17.2015


"It was my first time getting waxed down under. It didn't hurt any worse than getting my eyebrows done. It was a clean spot and she made me feel at ease. "

- Lauren G. | 02.15.2015


"Layla was very nice and professional. Very good work and fast service! "

- Maria S. | 02.1.2015


"Layla is the best!"

- Ashfia S. | 01.29.2015


"Layla was great! Very friendly and did a great job on my brazilian. Plus! She applied the appropriate amount of pressure when needed to minimize the pain. I was in and out before I knew it. I will definitely be coming back to Layla for more services. :)"

- Dung K N. | 01.22.2015


"Layla is great!"

- Ashfia S. | 12.17.2014


"Layla was very professional and made me feel comfortable for my bikini wax. "

- Kasaundra H. | 12.17.2014


"Layla answers all your questions and helps minimize any anxiety or uncertainties of her services."

- Julissa H. | 10.31.2014

Brazilian, Stomach

"First brazilian wax. I was terrified! I was very comfortable with Layla!! On a scale of 1-10 Id give the pain a 3. I literally had to ask her if she started yet because I couldn't feel it but I saw the motions. 6 hours later I'm in no pain/tenderness or discomfort . I will be returning. Thank You!!!"

- Stacey A. | 10.25.2014


"Layla is awesome! All of her services, to include Brazilian bikini waxing, threading and facials are exceptional. I have never been disappointed with the services Layla provides and her exceptional level of professionalism. I drive from Irving, TX to Plano to get my Brazilian bikini waxes and other services because Layla is worth it and I am never disappointed with her services. I would encourage new clients to give Layla a chance, you will not regret it. "

- corena a. | 09.23.2014


"I came in late and Layla still finished in time. She was very quick so it hurt less. Out of all the time i got a brazilian, this was the best! I'm definitely coming back!"

- Tasha L. | 09.21.2014


"layla's great! she's very good at waxing. would highly recommend."

- Charlotte y. | 09.21.2014


"Second time with Layla and she is super sweet and genuine and makes everything very comfortable. Great work and fast and efficient. I am loyal customer for a very good reason she is the BEST! "

- Cynthia V. | 09.6.2014


"Great experience! "

- Rebekah K. | 09.3.2014


"having a Brazilian wax with Layla is fabulous. She is extremely professional and it really is pain free (Yes...believe that!). New studio is in a nice location that feels comfortable and very safe and upscale!"

- sherry l. | 08.19.2014

Underarms, Bikini Wax

"This was by far the best experience I ever had with waxing. I would definitely recommend Layla."

- Donnella F. | 08.15.2014


"She makes you feel comfortable and does great work! "

- Brittany G. | 08.14.2014

Eyebrow Threading

"Loved her work! Great booth and very friendl!"

- Amy E. | 08.12.2014

Nose, Brazilian

"Layla does a great job in waxing and threading. She is professional and it is evident through her work that she is extremely knowledgeable regarding her job. I am so glad that I found her. I will be her client forever. Corena Araneta"

- corena a. | 08.11.2014

Eyebrow Threading

"Layla is WONDERFUL! She has a warm & inviting personality. Layla made me feel comfortable with her skill and made feel like a client and not just another dollar. I've struggled to find someone whom consistently arched my brows to fit my face. Often times I would leave salons disappointed. Fortunately, for me the search is over and I'm sure yours will be once you try her."

- CRYSTAL J. | 08.9.2014


"Layla was awesome! She ensured that I was relaxed and at ease through the whole appointment. She is skilled at quickly getting the job done. I will be a repeat customer and highly recommend her services to all."

- Tamara D. | 08.8.2014


"This was my first Brazilian and Layla did a fantastic job. She made me feel relaxed and comfortable. I plan on returning to Layla for my next wax! She's great! "

- Melanie M. | 07.21.2014


"She was very personable and made me feel very comfortable. She was clean with me and took care of me and answered all my questions. This was my very first Brazilian wax and it was fantastic I am very happy with it I will definitely be going back for me next wax. "

- Cynthia V. | 07.16.2014


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